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HEY … We are an open, developmental team that is aware of how powerful the web is. Because he is so powerful, he is also very vulnerable. Many times we have noticed various scams online (I speak globally), so we decided to offer the world the best shopping experience.

Our energy is not such as to fool you! We pursue fraud, so you are safe with us!

Our principle,

We created our shop with passion and love for kitchen and home accessories. The store is for you, so our team takes customers seriously and with top priority. Our main guideline is integrity, respect, trust and responsibility. We want your shopping experience to be simple, easy and fun.

Enjoy your shopping!

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Love Kitchen & Home Shop team 🧡  

* When you write for support you will always get the person below in the picture. He is friendly and likes to help ! 🧡 

– Dejan Hribar